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Absolutely! You may make a purchase and checkout as a guest. All you'll need to do is track your order via any email updates sent by Josy Designs.


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Discount codes are only available for a limited time. If the discount code is no longer available our system will not allow you to add it to your order. Discount codes may also not apply if the items in your cart do not match the criteria of the discount code.

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Yes, we offer a discount on all first-time orders, simply sign-up to our newsletter to receive a welcome email with your unique promo code.

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Discount codes cannot be retroactively applied after your order has been submitted. If you forgot to add a discount code at checkout, please email info@josydesigns.com to cancel your original order and place a new order using your discount code.

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Only one discount code can be applied per order and can not be changed after the order has been placed.


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Fortunately, our josydesigns.com Gift Cards do not expire!

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You can currently buy gift cards online at www.josydesigns.com/products/gift-card

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Coupons and discounts cannot be applied for gift card purchases.

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Josy Designs Gift Cards are non-transferable, non-refundable, cannot be returned or redeemed for cash.


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We will email you a shipment notification along with a tracking number as soon as your package ships.


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Your billing address is incorrect.

Your billing address must match the address that is directly connected to your card. This is the #1 reason why payments are declined on our site. If you are unsure of the billing address associated with your card, please contact your bank.

You entered your CVV code incorrectly.
Ensure that you have entered the correct 3 digits from the back of your card during checkout.

Your card may not be activated.
If you believe this is the issue, please be sure to call the number on the front or back of your card to ensure that it is activated.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card as payment methods. The card that can make payments are VISA Card, Master Card, American Express Card, JCB Card, Apple Pay, Discover Card.


Do you offer wholesale?


How to Find Your Bracelet Size

These simple methods can help you choose the relatively accurate size of a finished bracelet, especially when you purchase your bracelets online. Please note, if you get the size of length, please read directly to the method 1; if you get the size of inner diameter, please read directly to the method 2.

Method 1: When you only know the length of the bracelets,

Step 1: Measure your wrist(where you often wear your bracelets) with a tape measure or a long strip of paper, and get your wrist circumference.




Step 2: Place your wrist circumference to the nearest number in the bracelet length chart below to get your bracelets size.

Bracelet Length Chart

Length for Bracelets
Wrist Circumference
Snug Fit (add 1/2") Comfort Fit (add 1")
4 inch 4 inch 10.16cm 4-1/2 inch 4.5 inch 11.43cm 3.5 inch 8.89cm
4-1/2 inch 4.5 inch 11.43cm 5 inch 5 inch 12.7cm 4 inch 10.16cm
5 inch 5 inch 12.7cm 5-1/2 inch 5.5 inch 13.97cm 4.5 inch 11.43cm
5-1/2 inch 5.5 inch 13.97cm 6 inch 6 inch 15.24cm 5 inch 12.7cm
6 inch 6 inch 15.24cm 6-1/2 inch 6.5 inch 16.51cm 5.5 inch 13.97cm
6-1/2 inch 6.5 inch 16.51cm 7 inch 7 inch 17.78cm 6 inch 15.24cm
7 inch 7 inch 17.78cm 7-1/2 inch 7.5 inch 19.05cm 6.5 inch 16.51cm
7-1/2 inch 7.5 inch 19.05cm 8 inch 8 inch 20.32cm 7 inch 17.78cm
8 inch 8 inch 20.32cm 8-1/2 inch 8.5 inch 21.59cm 7.5 inch 19.05cm
8-1/2 inch 8.5 inch 21.59cm 9 inch 9 inch 22.86cm 8 inch 20.32cm
9 inch 9 inch 22.86cm 9-1/2 inch 9.5 inch 24.13cm 8.5 inch 21.59cm
9-1/2 inch 9.5 inch 24.13cm 10 inch 10 inch 25.54cm 9 inch 22.86cm

Recommended Size Chart (length)

Bracelet Length Recommended for
4 inch New-born to 6 month
4.5 inch 6-12 month
5 inch 12-24 month
5.5 inch 2-5 years
6 inch 6-8 years
6.5 inch 9-13 years
7 inch Extra small size for woman
7.5 inch Small size for woman
8 inch Medium size for woman/Small size for men
8.5 inch Large size for woman/Medium size for men
9 inch Plus size for woman/Large size for men
9.5 inch Ankle bracelet for woman/Plus size for men


Method 2: When you only know the inner diameter of the bracelets or bangles

Step 1: Close your fingers as though you are getting your bangle through.

Step 2: Take out a tape measure or a piece of blank paper strip and measure around the closed hand at the widest point. Then get the circumference of your hand.


Step 3: Place your actual hand circumference to the nearest number in the size chart below, you can quickly position the bracelets or bangle sizes that are most suitable for you. For example, if your actual hand circumference is 7.1", You can quickly determine that 2.25" inner diameter is best size for you from the size chart.

Bracelet Size Chart Diameter

Inner Diameter for Bracelets or Bangles Hand Circumference
≤ 2 inch ≤ 2 inch ≤5.08cm ≤6.28 inch ≤15.95cm
2-1/8 inch 2.125 inch 5.40cm 6.67 inch 16.95cm
2-1/4 inch 2.25 inch 5.72cm 7.07 inch 17.95cm
2-3/8 inch 2.375 inch 6.03cm 7.46 inch 18.94cm
2-1/2 inch 2.5 inch 6.35cm 7.85 inch 19.94cm
2-5/8 inch 2.625 inch 6.67cm 8.24 inch 20.94cm
2-3/4 inch 2.75 inch 7.00cm 8.63 inch 21.93cm
2-7/8 inch 2.875 inch 7.30cm 9.03 inch 22.93cm
≥3 inch ≥ 3 inch ≥7.62cm ≥9.42 inch ≥23.93cm

 Tips: You can also take out a bracelet or bangle that fit you well, to measure it’s inner diameter. And get your bracelet or bangle size from the size chart above.

How can I find out about restocks?

We encourage you to sign up to receive emails. These emails will include exclusive offers, product announcements. 

What size are the bracelets?

Majority of our bracelets are stretchy or adjustable to fit any wrist! However, if you have a specific one you are curious about just send us an email!

How should I take care of the bracelet?

Beaded Bracelets

To keep your bracelet in the best condition that can last through we recommend keeping it in a dry place when not worn. You can easily clean it by simply wipe off fingerprints or oil related stains with a soft lint free cloth.

Do not use any cleaning materials.

Perfume and any chemical substances may affect the beads, we recommend to put your bracelets only after you wear your perfume.

To keep your bracelet in the best condition we recommend removing it before showering or going swimming.


How long do refunds take?

If you returned your order, your refund should be credited within:

10 business days for credit cards
7 business days for debit cards
Note: E-Gift Cards are non-refundable

If you still haven’t received your refund after the time allotted, you’ll need to contact your bank.

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our refund policy. For more information please click here: https://josydesigns.com/policies/refund-policy

What happens if my order arrives damaged/faulty?

Please inspect your order upon receiving and contact us at info@josydesigns.com immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right. When contacting us about defective, damaged, or incorrect orders please provide your order number, a photo of the item/s, and a description of the issue.


Where do you ship?

We ship to all 48 states in the United States, US Territories, and APO/FPO

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time, but we’re aiming to be available internationally in the future!

What is the cost of shipping?

US Domestic Shipping 48 Contiguous States

(Orders $50 & Above)
FREE 48 Hours
5 to 8 Business days
(Orders below $50)
(Flate Rate)
48 Hours
5 to 8 Business days
24 Hours
3 to 4 Business days

How long will it take for delivery?

All orders are typically processed within 1-3 business days. Our products are shipped within 5-8 business days using the following carrier: USPS. Shipping is free for US orders and will be shipped using Priority Mail, USPS First Class.

Due to the Covid-19, the delivery time may be delayed.

Can I combine shipping of multiple orders?

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine shipping with multiple orders. If you’ve placed your orders within one hour, you may be able to cancel them by contacting info@josydesigns.com and then re-purchase your items under one order.

Do you ship to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands?


What is the cost of shipping to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands?

Free Standard Shipping over $50 - Estimated 5 to 8 Business days.
Standard shipping of $4.99 - Estimated 5 to 8 Business days.


Is your website secure?

Yes. Josy Designs is committed to protecting your personal information and providing a secure online shopping experience. We use industry standard encryption and password protection technologies such as an SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes, shopping at Josydesigns.com is safe.

How can I unsubscribe from emails?

You can unsubscribe from our emails by scrolling down into a previous email we've sent you and select unsubscribe. This will remove you from our emailing list!

How can I close/deactivate my account?

Please reach out to Customer Service via email at info@josydesigns.com and our team will help you with your request.

How do I get in touch with the customer service?

Our customer service is available Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM. We do our best to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and appreciate your patience!  

You can contact us by sending an email directly to info@josydesigns.com.

Where can I learn more about your Privacy Policy?

Please read our Privacy Policy.